Willow Name Change Alerts

‘Willow Name Change Alerts’ is a series of FactSheets of popular information on name changes in the genus Salix.

It is important for the community of willow growers and researchers to use the correct and the most updated names of Salix

The FactSheets translate and interpret the science of nomenclatural and taxonomic changes related to Salix made by taxonomists, and convey information  in the language accessible to the widest possible audience.

Our goal is to assist in better understating of the nomenclatural and taxonomic name changes and promote their adoption by various germplasm users.

Why plants change names 


Name change alert: Salix gmelinii Pall.
Name clarification: Salix babylonica L. vs. S. matsudana Koidz.

Name clarification: Salix udensis Trautv. & C.A.Mey. vs. S. sachalinensis F.Schmidt

Name application: Salix chaenomeloides Kimura vs. S. gracilistyla Miq.

Name application: Salix × cottetii Lagger ex A.Kern.